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Who Uses Us


"Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You have a great service and I really appreciate the peace of mind knowing everything is ok on the home front!"
-Cherie P. Washington Township, NJ

"Once again, thanks so much for all your assistance. You were a life-saver. You are a true professional and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone."
-El Moser Bloomfield, NJ

"Lucie always seems calm and happy after you have taken care of her."
-Carla F. Waldwick, NJ

"Christine Szabo was the only person we would trust to take care of our dog, Champ. Champ was elderly and suffering from multiple tumors. He could barely walk let alone make it up or the down the steps to go out. We interviewed several so-called animal "care-givers" and the only thing any of them were concerned about was how much money we were willing to pay them. Some of them even refused to take care of the animals simply because we would not be away long enough and told us "it wasn't worth their time".

Well, Christine opened her heart to Champ and took care of him as lovingly as we would have. Not only do we trust her with our pets, but we implicitly trust her with our home (giving her access to our security system), and our children. This is not just a job for Chris, this is who she is. The people she provides "Errands On The Go" for are all more than clients, they are her family."
-Linda A. Waldwick, NJ

"We are frequent travelers and we are so happy to finally have someone who we trust with the key to our home ready and willing to take care of it, our mail, plants etc….every time we are away. Our trips are that much more enjoyable knowing everything at home is taken care of. She even had the driveway and sidewalk shoveled for our return during a snow storm last year."
-Valarie P. Waldwick, NJ

"Thanks! You're the best and I don't how I'd keep up without your amazing service!!!! You make me feel like I can handle my weeks so much better!"
-C. P. Washington Township, NJ

"It was so nice meeting you Christine. You are saving my life. Everything was wonderful. Thanks for your help."
-Lori Wright Waldwick, NJ