Errands On The Go Errands on the Go LLC

General Services
Organizing Services


  • Banking
  • Car repair, oil changes and car washes
  • Dry cleaning laundry
  • Express delivery of packages and parcels
  • Forgotten homework or lunches
  • Grocery shopping
  • Library books
  • Mail, stamps, money orders, post office supplies
  • Photos - film
  • Prescriptions
  • Videos, dvd's, games

Home care services

  • Away-from-home security tasks: water the plants and garden, bring in the newspaper and mail, check the temperature, turn lights on/off for that at-home look, stock the refrigerator and pantry before you return
  • Caring and feeding of pets and trips to the vet
  • Coordinate household repairs
  • Computer setup and maintenance (includes backups, troubleshooting, virus protection, clean upů)**
  • Project management: obtain estimates and follow though on implementation
  • Wait services for deliveries, repairs and installations


  • Meet realtor while your home is being shown
  • Wait services for deliveries, repairs and installations
  • Set up utilities

Elderly/outpatient surgery patients

  • Prescription pick-ups
  • Daily check in

Personal shopping

  • Exchanges and returns
  • Forgotten present for your relative or boss
  • Grocery delivery and put away service
  • Wedding and baby registries
  • Floral services


For detailed information regarding fees, please contact us, you will find our fees more than worth the time you're about to save.


Referral Discount: The finest compliment we can ever receive is a referral from our friends and clients. Your recommendations are very important to us. Active clients are rewarded with a 10% discount with each new client referred to us.

Special Discount: Seniors, disabled and home-bound receive a 20% discount.


The above is just a sample of the services we offer. If you are in need of other services please contact us and we will do everything we can to make it happen.