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About Us

Christine Szabo

In today's stressful work and home environment there is so little time to do those important but time-consuming jobs. To manage these demands we all need someone reliable to turn to. I would like to offer my services to the many of you who are in need of MORE TIME.

We all can use a little assistance to get us through our busy days. Errands on the Go offers you, the busy individual, a personal assistant to handle all of your daily errands and individual needs. How many times have you looked at your "to-do" list and can't find the time to finish all those tasks?

I know that it can be very challenging to find a balance between your work and home life. If you're spending many hours of each day at work or running a household, free time is hard to come by. I can enhance your quality of life by creating time -- time for you, your family and friends. My services are geared to everyone who from time to time needs an extra hand.

I offer high quality, professional services, which enable you to focus on life's most important things like family and friends. Take control and restore order and proper balance! We provide a highly valued commodity - TIME!

Call or email us today to see how we can help you achieve balance in your life!